Nuclear Materials Group Candace Chabot March 9, 2018


The Nuclear Materials Group

Queen’s University is home to a dedicated group of nuclear material researchers.


Our Focus


The Nuclear Materials group carries out research on the performance, production and optimization of structural components that are both inside the reactor and in the heat transfer system. The group’s funding is centered on an NSERC/UNENE/Nu-Tech Industrial Research Chair (IRC). The IRC and other grants held within the group support an R&D program to address life management issues in the existing fleet of CANDU operating reactors, in particular of the fuel channel, a key mechanical system in CANDU reactors. It also supports development programs at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and with Generation 4 partners to develop improved materials and designs for the refurbishment of existing plants and for future generations of power plants in the short, medium and long term.

The group collaborates with industry, government laboratories and universities throughout the world including:
• Companies: AECL Ltd, Kinectrics Ltd, Rolls-Royce Ltd (UK).
• Government Labs: CNL Chalk River, Los Alamos National Labs (USA), Rutherford Appleton Lab. (UK), Argonne National Lab (USA), CNEA Bariloche (Argentina), Brookhaven National Lab (USA).
• Universities: McGill, McMaster, UWO, Penn State (USA), U. Manchester (UK), Open University (UK), Polytechnical University of Hong Kong.



Recent Publications


Over the years, members of the Queen’s University Nuclear Materials Group have been been published in several journals, papers, and articles. Below are a sampling of some that have been featured over the past couple of years.


•Wang, C.D. Judge, C. Howard, M. Mattucci, H. Rajakumar, S. Hoendermis, C. Dixon, M.R. Daymond, G. Bickel, Investigation on the deformation mechanisms and size-dependent hardening effect of He bubbles in 84 dpa neutron irradiated Inconel X-750 micro-tensile specimens, Nuclear Materials and Energy, v28, 101025 (2021)
•S.M. Hanlon, M. Topping, M.R. Daymond, C. Gillen, P. Frankel, “Fracture Mechanics I-SCC Testing and Review of Out-Reactor PCI Behaviour”, in Progress on Pellet–Cladding Interaction and Stress Corrosion Cracking IAEA-TECDOC-1960, IAEA Vienna, p165-177 (2021).
• C. Dai, C. Varvenne, P. Saidi, Z. Yao, M.R. Daymond, L.K. Béland, Stability of vacancy and interstitial dislocation loops in α-zirconium: atomistic calculations and continuum modelling, J. Nucl. Materials, v554, 153059 (2021)
• P.-C.A. Simon, C. Frank, L.-Q. Chen, M.R. Daymond, M.R. Tonks, A.T. Motta, “Quantifying the effect of hydride microstructure on zirconium alloys embrittlement using image analysis”, J. Nuc. Materials, v547, 152817 (2021)
• M. Mattucci, I. Cherubin, P. Changizian, T. Skippon, M.R. Daymond, “Indentation Size Effect, Geometrically Necessary Dislocations and Pile-Up Effects in Hardness Testing of Irradiated Nickel”, Acta Mater., v207, 116702 (2021)
• P.F.D. Bennett, M. Topping, P.R. Underhill, J.E. Morelli, M.R. Daymond, and T.W. Krause, “Effects of Heat Treatment on CANDU Pressure Tube Electrical Resistivity”, J. Nuc. Materials, v545, 152597 (2021)
• P. Changizian, Z. Yao, M.R. Daymond, “Deformation Mechanism Characteristics in a Ni-based Superalloy Inconel X-750: Dislocation/Precipitate interaction”, Materials Characterization, v172, 110891 (2021)
• F. Long, N.N. Badr, Z. Yao, M.R. Daymond, “Towards resolving a long existing phase stability controversy in the Zr-H, Ti-H system”, J. Nuclear Materials, v543, 152540 (2021)
• P. Saidi, M. Topping, C. Dai, F. Long, L.K. Béland, M.R. Daymond, “The dependence of damage accumulation on irradiation dose rate in zirconium alloys: rate theory, atomistic simulation and experimental validation”, J. Nuc. Materials, v543, 152478 (2021)


• P. Saidi, L.K. Béland, M.R. Daymond, “Graphene oxide membranes for water isotope filtration: insight at the nano- and microscale”, J. Physical Chemistry C, v124(49), p26864-26873 (2020)
• A. Mohammadi, M.R. Daymond, A. Docosolis, “Graphene oxide membranes for isotopic water mixture filtration: preparation, physicochemical characterization, and performance assessment”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, , v12(31), p34736-34745 (2020).
• D. Kerr, C. Cochrane, M.R. Daymond, “Phase transformation and variant selection in a Zr2.5Nb pressure tube”, Met. Mat. Trans. A, v51(6), p2724-2737 (2020)
• F. Long, M. Griffiths, Z. Yao, M.R. Daymond, “Characterization of phases in the Zr-Nb-Fe ternary system at the Zr-Nb rich side of the phase diagram”, J. Nuclear Materials, v534, 152142 (2020)
• Linjiang Chai, Jiahong Dai, Jiying Xia, Korukonda L Murty, Ning Guo, Mark R Daymond, “Influences of -cooling rates on microstructural, textural characteristics and hardness of Ti-6Al-4V sheet”, J. Materials Science, v55, p8346-8362 (2020)
• P. Saidi, P. Changizian, E. Nicholson, H.K. Zhang, Z. Yao, C.V. Singh, M.R. Daymond, L.K. Beland, “Effect of He on the Order-Disorder Transition in Ni3Al under Irradiation”,
Physical Review Letters, v124, 075901 (2020).
• Z. Wang, Q. Dong, N. Guo, M.R. Daymond, “Crack propagation path selection and plastic deformation at a crack tip in zirconium”, Mat. Sci. Eng. A, v779, 139143 (2020).
• S. Xu, F. Long, S.Y. Persaud, N. Guo, Z. Yao, M.R. Daymond, G. Wenhau, L. Zhang, Z. Zhou, “Oxidation behavior of 9Cr-4.5Al ODS steel in 600 °C supercritical water and the effect of pre-oxidation”, Corrosion Science, v165, 108380 (2020).
• J. Hiscocks, M.R. Daymond, B.J. Diak, A.P. Gerlich, “High-resolution residual stress mapping of magnesium AZ80 friction stir welds for three processing conditions”, Met. Mat. Trans. A, v51(3), p1195-1207 (2020).
• Q. Dong, P. Saidi, L. Béland, Z. Yao, C. Dai, M.R. Daymond, “In situ TEM and multiscale study of dislocation loop formation in the vicinity of a grain boundary”, J. Nuc. Materials, v528, 151872 (2020).
• H. Qin, Q. Dong, V. Fallah, M.R. Daymond, “Rapid solidification and non-equilibrium phase constitution in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) of Al10SiMg alloy: Analysis of nano-precipitates, eutectic lamellae and hardness evolution”, Met. Mat. Trans. A. v51(1), p448-466 (2020).
• P. Saidi, Z. Wang, Y. Mao, L.K. Béland, Z. Yao, M.R. Daymond, “A method for calculation of bias factors in anisotropic mediums, application to a-zirconium”, J. Nuc. Materials, v528, 151882 (2020).
• Q. Wang, C. Cochrane, T. Skippon, Z. Wang, H. Abdolvand, M.R. Daymond, “Orientation-dependent irradiation hardening in pure Zr studied by nanoindentation, electron microscopies, and crystal plasticity finite element modeling”, Int. J. Plasticity, v124, p133-154 (2020).


• F. Long, N.N. Badr, Z. Yao, M.R. Daymond, “Characterizing the crystal structure and formation induced plasticity of y-hydride phase in zirconium”, Materialia, v8, 100454 (2019)
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• O. Muránsky, L. Balogh, M. Tran, C.J. Hamelin, J.-S. Park, M.R. Daymond, “On the Measurement of Dislocations and Dislocation Structures using EBSD and HRSD Techniques”, Acta Mater., v175, p297-313 (2019)
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