The Nuclear Materials Group

Queen’s University is home to two UNENE Research Chairs and a dedicated group of nuclear material researchers with a focus on research in advanced reactors and for nuclear waste storage


Our Focus

The Nuclear Materials group carries out research on the performance, production and optimization of structural components that are both inside the reactor and in the heat transfer system.

The group’s funding is centered on an NSERC/UNENE/Nu-Tech Industrial Research Chair (IRC). The IRC and other grants held within the group support an R&D program to address life management issues in the existing fleet of CANDU operating reactors, in particular of the fuel channel, a key mechanical system in CANDU reactors.

It also supports development programs at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and with Generation 4 partners to develop improved materials and designs for the refurbishment of existing plants and for future generations of power plants in the short, medium and long term.

Collaboration throughout the world

The group collaborates with industry, government laboratories and universities throughout the world including:


Government Labs:



Over the years, members of the Queen’s University Nuclear Materials Group have been published in several journals, papers, and articles.

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