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H+ and He++ accelerator

The main focus of research at RMTL, the accelerator uses a 4MV tandem producing up to 8MeV H or 12MeV He to simulate irradiation damage and facilitate implantation studies.

Electron microscopy suite (SEM)

The latest microscopy technology, FEI FEG-Nova NanoSem, is used to generate images of surface topography and determine chemical composition at very high resolutions. Capabilities include EBSD, EDX, and in situ heating and straining. Samples must be free of dust and electrically conductive, but may be any geometry or shape.

Electron microscopy suite (TEM)

Passes electrons through a thin sample to examine fine details at extremely high resolutions (down to an atomic scale). TEM samples must be prepared down to less than 100 nanometers thick. The FEI Osiris FEG-TEM includes the following features: STEM, EDS, EELS, and in situ heating & straining.

Mechanical Testing

In ion-beam quasi-static and creep testing at elevated temperatures. Out of beam testing on Instron ETMT (3kN, 1000°C+).

Elevated temperature nanoindentation

Nano- and micro-indentation from ambient to elevated temperatures.

Gamma spectroscopy and radiation detection

Analysis equipment including Ortec HPGe Gamma Ray Spec; Neutron Spectrometer (with Tony Waker, UOIT).


Pressurised and controlled water chemistry high temperature loop. Raman characterisation of corrosion products.

Sample preparation

Cutting (wheel and laser), polishing, vibropolish, electropolishing of samples for optical, SEM and TEM imaging.

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